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Expert du Sportainment. Créateur de Valeur. Conférencier Inspirant. // Sportainment Expert. Value Creator. Engaging Speaker.

André is one of the most inspiring teacher I had. He knows how to speak to students and how to captivate them. He is a dynamic speaker with a sparkling personality. I learned a lot through him in the marketing field. 

M. Richelieu, as my international marketing professor, made me discover the powerfulness of “edutainment” (i.e. combination of education and entertainment). [...] His knowledge and his devotion regarding each student facilitate the understanding of the current key issues of international marketing and help us to grow up in the changing world of business. Stunning lecturer.

Charismatique, authentique et créatif, M. Richelieu sait transmettre sa passion et inspirer ses étudiants. Captivant son auditoire tel un artiste sur scène, il facilite l’assimilation des notions par des exemples concrets et des interactions pertinentes. En plus d’être un excellent professeur, c’est un inconditionnel des sports.

André has been the most inspiring marketing teacher I came through during my University years and had a lasting mark on my career working for leading U.S. corporations. His teaching philosophy is remarkable, his style enlightens the whole class, makes learning fun and meaningful, all while comprehending the various topics being studied. He is in a class of his own, a potential TED speaker that could explain to legions of educators how to capture the mind and spirit of their students.

André est un excellent professeur et collègue! Il sait faire ressortir le meilleur de chacun de ses étudiants, très facile d’approche, qui s’implique auprès de la communauté académique. Ses interventions dans les médias contribuent à éclaircir et vulgariser les enjeux majeurs en marketing sportif.

André is a highly skilled researcher and dynamic teacher who inspires not only his students but his colleagues as well. [...] He is always informed, knowledgeable regarding global sport industry issues, and willing to engage his colleagues. He is truly one of a kind.

I first met André early in his career and was struck by his intelligence, global perspective, maturity and thoughtfulness. In his presentations, André used daring and novel approaches to his storytelling, making his ideas and presentations both memorable and effective. He exemplifies many of Stephen Covey’s habits but in particular: seek first to understand, then to be understood.

Mr Richelieu was my professor for the Sports Marketing class. I highly recommend him as a marketing expert, with a huge passion for sports and a real commitment to teaching. Each class is a whole experience, meticulously prepared. He provides students with a lot of material (extremely detailed course website) as well as regular, personalized feedback. As he makes a lot of efforts, he expects his students to do the same, which in fact is quite easy: it is really motivating to study with such a passionnate and committed person ! Best professor I ever had !

André Richelieu gives very exciting classes about Sports Marketing, keeping his students very interested and motivated. I highly recommend his classes, because on top of being amazing, they are a real show, and of course this helps memorization!

M. Richelieu! Pourquoi un «!» après son nom? C’est simple: il représente un des meilleurs enseignants que j’aie eu le plaisir de voir s’exclamer à la Faculté des sciences de l’administration de l’Université Laval! Connaissant le nom de tous ses étudiants avant la pause du premier cours de la session, captant l’attention de son public à l’aide de grandes envolées lyriques et multipliant les interventions cultivées sur l’actualité du marketing (sportif) pour que sa classe demeure sur le qui-vive, M. Richelieu est un professeur et un être humain en or.

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