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Expert du Sportainment. Créateur de Valeur. Conférencier Inspirant. // Sportainment Expert. Value Creator. Engaging Speaker.

Je vous remercie personnellement pour cette session. VOUS ÊTES INSPIRANT!

Vous avez été une réelle source de motivation pour avancer grâce à votre personnalité, connaissance et surtout expérience qui n’ont fait qu’enrichir ce cours.

André is one of those colleagues that inspires you (and the entire organization) to push your limits. Besides being a celebrated teacher and researcher, he’s just simply fun to work with.

Mr Richelieu is the best professor I had at UQAM. He succeeds in being strict, respected and loved by his students.

If there was a benchmark to rank teacher’s performance, Mr Richelieu would be the gold standard. Mr Richelieu’s outstanding preparation prior to each class, the sport news content, the practical experiences and his level of sports knowledge, are incredible. Furthermore, I am very impressed with the way he connects with and respects his students.

I really liked the seminar-oriented type of teaching. The teacher included us in a way that every body knew every body at the end of the semester and it allowed different opinions on the subjects. Very stimulating and learning-oriented!

I was particularly eager to take this course because I already had a class with this teacher before and I know the energy and the dynamism he has when teaching. However I found this class even better because he is really passionate about this subject and he gave a lot of relevant examples that will be useful to everyone in the future.

Everything is connected with real life and you are able to share your experience with us – that is a rare quality for a university professor.

Continue teaching please! I took this class because I had you in my bachelor degree and this is the only class that I can tell that I’ve learned the most and that I still use what I’ve learned in my work.

I took this class only because of him ! I knew that I will learn something useful at least once in my MBA with that teacher.

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