"Dinggy Dinggy Show!"

Prof. Richelieu offers engaging courses and seminars, using a unique approach called “Concepts – Tools – Applications” (CTA). These are offered in English, French, Spanish and Romanian, and cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to Sports Marketing (Bachelor’s degree)
  • Globalization and the Internationalization of Sports (Bachelor’s degree)
  • Marketing (Bachelor’s degree and Executive MBA)
  • International Marketing (Bachelor’s degree)
  • Promotion (Bachelor’s degree)
  • Sports Marketing in the Context of Globalization (MBA and Executive MBA)
  • Strategic Brand Management (MBA and Executive MBA)
  • International Marketing Management (MBA and Executive MBA)
  • Integrated Marketing Communications: Promotion Strategy (MBA)
  • Branding (PhD)
  • Special Topics in Marketing: Branding in Emerging Domains (PhD)
  • International Business (Bachelor’s degree, MBA and PhD)