"Dinggy Dinggy Show!"


Qatar Airways and FC Barcelona (Concept of co-branding with business partners)

EDF – London 2012 ad (Concepts of co-branding and positive image transfer)

David Beckham – Burger King promo ad (Concept of co-branding in sports through celebrity endorsement)

Roger Federer and Lindt chocolates (Concept of co-branding in sports through celebrity endorsement)

Pink MLB Collection (Concepts of co-branding and lifestyle branding in sports)

Brand identity

Los Angeles Dodgers_2013Los Angeles Dodgers “Whole New Blue” campaign (Concepts of brand identity and brand promise in sports)

Atlanta Falcons Rise Up commercial (Concepts of brand identity and brand associations)

Calgary Flames 2011-2012 video (Concepts of brand associations; also storytelling)

Calgary Flames “C of Red” campaign (Concepts of brand identity and brand associations)


Jokerit and KHL promo ad, 2014-15 (Concepts of brand identity, brand associations and symbols; also, storytelling)

Globalization, internationalization & (g)localization

The game of Bouzkachi in Tadzhikistan (Concepts of globalization vs. localization)

The game of Oina in Romania (Concepts of globalization vs. localization)

2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar (Concepts of globalization and internationalization of sports)

The Chiva Girls: Americanizing soccer to make it more appealing (Concepts of globalization vs. “glocalization”)


Joe Carter’s home run, 1993 World Series (Concept of storytelling in promo video ad)

The Ajax Experience (Concepts of brand experience and storytelling)

Good will Hunting and the Boston Red Sox (Concept of storytelling in sports encapsulated in popular culture)


Manolo, the Super Fan (Concepts of fan identification and fan loyalty in sports)

Perfect watermelon helmet (Concept of “fan-actors”, co-creators and ambassadors of the brand)

FC Köln fans (Concept of  “fan-actors”, co-creators and ambassadors of the brand; especially from 2’15″ onward)


Wedding on the ice (Concept of “Sportainment”)

Legends Football League coming to Australia (Concept of “Sportainment”; also internationalization)


Poznan Euro 2012 social legacy (Concept of legacy effect of major sporting events)

The war on doping (Concept of ethical issues in sports)

VTB Arena Park in Moscow (Concept of multi-purpose arenas)

Real Madrid lingerie collection (Concepts of brand extension and lifestyle branding)

The new old logo of the Toronto Blue Jays (Concept of retro-marketing in sports)

Guinness football scout commercial (Concept of brand positioning in sports)

The NHL standstill on violence (Concept of marketing myopia in sports)

Bavaria dress at the Soccer World Cup (Concept of ambush marketing)