Formation / Workshops

À la fin de chaque formation, les gestionnaires ont entre leurs mains les concepts et outils leur permettant d’élaborer et d’implanter leur plan marketing ou d’affaires. Voici une liste d’exemples d’ateliers de formation à valeur ajoutée que je dispense / By the end of each workshop, managers are empowered with concepts and tools that allow them to build and implement their marketing or business plan. Here are some examples of added value training workshops that I provide:

  • How to build an authentic and successful sports brand?
  • How to optimize your sports brand potential?
  • How to transform a regional brand into a national brand?
  • How to make your branding strategy fit into your marketing strategy?
  • How to capitalize on global opportunities when you are not the New York Yankees or the Real Madrid of this world?
  • How to leverage your sports brand with retro marketing, “storytelling” and empowered fans?
  • How can a sports organization or an athlete leverage the power of social media?
  • Why and how do athletes and artists become brands?
  • How will the transition from broadcasting to streaming impact sports organizations’ marketing and business plans?
  • How to leverage a city, a region or a country’s brand with an international sporting event? – The power of place branding.