Projets / Projects

Un objectif-clef de mes services-conseil : Créer de la valeur pour les organisations et faire des gestionnaires des acteurs autonomes. Des exemples de service-conseil que j’offre sont / One key objective of my consulting services: Bringing value to organizations and empowering managers. Examples of consulting work that I conduct include:

  • Building the brand architecture of the sports organization, while articulating coherent marketing actions.
  • Capitalizing on the full potential of a regional sports brand in order to transform it into a truly national brand.
  • Implementing a merchandising action plan that both reflects the authenticity of the sports brand and enables the organization to capitalize on business opportunities for traditional and non-traditional market segments (sports fans vs. lifestyle consumers).
  • Developing an international expansion plan for the sports brand, following a niche strategy.
  • Strengthening a sports brand through the “storytelling” and “consumactors” concepts.
  • Building the brand of a sports athlete.­
  • Capitalizing on social media in order to increase the interaction with fans and strengthen the emotional bond towards the sports brand.
  • Adapting to the transition from broadcasting to streaming, how the two might cohabitate in the future and how this transformation will impact the sports organization’s marketing and business plans.
  • Leveraging a city, a region or a country’s brand by hosting an international sporting event (“place branding” strategy).