Examples of consulting work that I conduct include:

  • Building the brand architecture of the sports organization, while articulating coherent marketing actions.
  • Capitalising on the full potential of a regional sports brand in order to transform it into a true national brand.
  • Implementing a merchandising action plan that both reflects the authenticity of the sports brand and enables the organization to capitalise on business opportunities for traditional and non traditional market segments (sports fans vs. lifestyle consumers).
  • Developing an international expansion plan for the sports brand, following a niche strategy.
  • Strengthening a sports brand through the “storytelling” and “consumactors” concepts.
  • Leveraging a city, a region or a country’s brand by hosting an international sporting event (“place branding” strategy).
  • Building the brand of a sports athlete.­
  • Capitalising on social networks in order to increase the interaction with fans and strengthen the emotional bond towards the sports brand.