Témoignages / Testimonials

Expert du Sportainment. Créateur de Valeur. Conférencier Inspirant. // Sportainment Expert. Value Creator. Engaging Speaker.

The teacher is very motivating. He is very energetic and worries about whether we understand the content of his course or not.

The teacher has a good method of teaching, very dynamic, giving examples, but also encouraging, which is very motivating. He knows how to be serious without taking himself seriously.

M. Richelieu is a teacher with a high level of professionalism, his methodology for teaching motivates students’ interest in the course.

The professor has very good teaching skills and he knows how to speak to his students. His sense of humour is unique!

This course [sports marketing] is definitely the highlight of my MBA program.

A unique and extremely positive experience! Of course, the humor and the totally unconventional teaching approach are great! But the professionalism itself is impressive. I wish all MBA teachers would deliver this level of quality.

He is the best teacher I had at Laval University!!!

Best teacher I had so far! No doubt about that! I came from an engineering world where teachers often consider students as show stoppers in their research. Mr. Richelieu values human relationship over his personal work and achievement.

Thank you Tom Jones of Edutainment! I loved your class and learnt a lot! I also very much appreciated that your students come first.

The semester is over and I wanted to thank you again. Honestly, I have not met another Professor of your calibre at the Faculty. Your words will stay with me for a long time, I am sure!

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