Témoignages / Testimonials

Pédagogie, Authenticité, Excellence / Pedagogy, Authenticity, Excellence

He is the same teacher that I had 4 years ago and that’s why I chose this class. I choose my courses in function of the teacher. The way he teaches, very proactive, «showman», etc. It’s easier to learn.

I will take a class that moderately interests me because of this teacher!

This course is so interesting and well built!

This is a great course. Among the best I had during my Master’s. I really liked how the teacher got us involved into it!

He is energetic and I learned a lot from him!

Captivating teacher. Draws students’ attention.

Excellent teacher, he motivated all students to go further!

Very dynamic and engaging. Responsible and dedicated to his work. Overall a wonderful experience being in his class!

Teacher is very VERY stimulating, and he loves what he teaches. A+!

I really enjoy this class and I am looking forward to having you as my professor. I am taking International Marketing with you this Fall!

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