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Pédagogie, Authenticité, Excellence / Pedagogy, Authenticity, Excellence

The teacher is excellent, he his dynamic, he is a good motivator and ensures that all students participate. I truly respect the fact that he is grading us directly and takes the time to help us improve individually instead of hiring a corrector. We are also lucky because he has a concrete experience in the field and he is still doing some private work, which provides him and us with a real perspective. He also has an incredible international experience that he shares with us. Very good teacher!

Sir Richelieu is amazing in the way he is teaching. It was a pleasure to come to the course. He was the best teacher I had in my last 4 years of studies. Many thanks!

One of the best teachers this semester. He was always so prepared. Very dynamic class, always happy and you can see he wants us to learn. Always available for his students. Giving feedback, etc. […] I never got bored to be in his class….. Loved my International Marketing Class!

I’m working as a marketing and sponsorship manager for a big music festival that is thinking of going abroad; so Yes it was relevant!

Mr. Richelieu is one of the greatest teachers I ever had. He is always available for his students, he tries (and succeeds) to make the course even more interesting by using videos and relevant examples.

He is the same teacher that I had 4 years ago and that’s why I chose this class. I choose my courses in function of the teacher. The way he teaches, very proactive, «showman», etc. It’s easier to learn.

I will take a class that moderately interests me because of this teacher!

This course is so interesting and well built!

This is a great course. Among the best I had during my Master’s. I really liked how the teacher got us involved into it!

He is energetic and I learned a lot from him!

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